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FFGC Educational Project - Floral Design Study Series:

The Floral Design Study Series is a unique series of lectures/demonstrations and critiqued, hands on Workshops that are offered under the sponsorship of FFGC for any club wishing to schedule the program for their area.  Talented, accredited instructors are available throughout the state to teach the classes. 

This comprehensive, copyrighted program was written by Bob Thomas, internationally renowned floral designer from Florida.  Bob was responsible for the Basic Six Units, and Florida’s own Wilma Paulauskas wrote the curriculum for the Three Advanced Units.  The Program focuses on Basic Floral Design for the home and for Flower Shows using fresh LIVE plant material and flowers.  There is a series of classes, each covering different subject matter, with detailed objectives.

Those attending  workshops for Units I-IV and Units VII-XI will receive Certificates suitable for framing.  Line materials, greens and flowers are supplied for the first three classes.  Registration is required in advance the day of the class. 

Unit I               Containers, Basic Tools & Vertical Designs

Unit II             Conditioning Plant Material & Triangle Designs

Unit III            Elements and Principles of Design & Curved Designs

Unit IV            Table Settings & Horizontal Designs

Unit V              Accessories, Features and Bases

Unit VI             Transporting Materials & Expressive Designs

Unit VII           Dried Materials and Decorative Wood

Unit VIII          Advanced Creative Designs: Underwater, Reflective & Synergistic

Unit IX             Creative Containers & Designs Choice Award      

In summary, Floral Design Study is a series of six units of basic design, and three units in advanced design.  The objective is to develop an understanding of the art of floral arranging.  Each unit is held on one day with three hours of lecture/demonstrations in the morning and a two hour supervised, critiqued workshop held after lunch break.

The series should be completed within a time span of one year.  The units are taught by accredited NGC Flower Show Judges.  The cost is covered in advance by students.

For pictures showing examples of the various units, information and local clubs now offering the series go to the FFGC's web site.

Note: VAGC held a workshop in 2009-10 with a number of members completing Units I-VI & VII-IX.  Future workshops will be offered, depending on member interest.

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