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National Garden Club Schools

Elected Officers
President:            Sandy Walters
Vice President:            Tina Bird
Recording Secretary:        Joan Piper
Correspondence Secretary:    Rose Fullerton
Treasurer:            Susan DiNapoli
Assistant Treasurer:        Tracy Ivey
Appointed Officers
Advisor:                Susie Mather
Chaplain:            Bette Ann Parry
Historian:            Susan DiNapoli
Parliamentarian:            Althea Bednarek
Committee Chairs and a brief outline of each committee’s function:
Adventure Tour:            Sally DeGrave
Plan and oversee bus trips to various gardens, museums and other places of interest for club members and their guests.
Awards:                Nancy Hentsch-Jacobson               
Assist in applying for the community activities and flower show awards offered by National Garden Clubs Inc., Deep South Region and Florida Federation Garden Clubs, Inc. making sure deadlines and procedure rules of respective organizations are followed.

Audubon Liaison:        Carol Malott
Coordinate activities between our club and the Audubon Society for events and/or use of their facilities.

Civic Beautification:        Carol Sbabo; Josette Aramini       
Design, plant and maintain gardens throughout our community.  These include a Blue Star Marker; butterfly gardens; dry gardens; bromeliad garden; wildflower garden and the atriums at City Hall. We also partner with Venice Area Beautification to maintain areas throughout the community.

E-Mail:                Tina Bird
Correspond with members via e-mail with announcements, events and other news of interest.

Environment:            Tracy Ivey
Members collect plastic bottle caps that are recycled and used to make various useful products.

Floral Design:            Sandy Walters
Workshops are held for our members and are open to other local garden clubs. Instructions, tips and ideas on the various types of design are demonstrated with class participation.

Flower Show 2015:            Althea Bedrarek
Coordinate all aspects of the biyearly show including schedules, staging, floral design, horticulture, special exhibits, judges and a host of other details. 

Garden Therapy:            Maida Atkins
Projects and activities are planned for seniors at various facilities throughout our community.

Garden Shop:            Jan Durr           
Aprons, tote bags, hats, garden gloves and other garden or floral design related items are for sale at the monthly member meetings and at a designated home on the Home Tour.

Holiday Decorations:        Rose Rodriquez
The gazebo in Centennial Park is decorated for the Holiday as is the Christmas tree at the downtown Venice Public Library and at Nokomis Civic Center.  President trees at Blalock Park are also decorated. 

Holiday Luncheon Program:    Alice DeSomma
A unique program is planned for the Holiday Luncheon that includes demonstrations and designs for the holidays.

Home Tour:            Mary Lou Levy
Five to six homes are chosen each year for the annual home tour.  Proceeds from the tours are used for scholarships and other projects.  The committee visit potential homes, plans the booklet (which include home descriptions, map and directions) plus distribute tour books for sale at various local businesses.  Head hostesses are responsible for securing hostesses for their respective days. All members are asked to participate and assist in selling tour book business ads.
Member artist, Joanna Coke, provides watercolor pen and ink sketches of the homes on tour. These are presented to the homeowners at a cocktail party hosted by one of the members.

Horticulture:            Maida Atkins
Organize the member garden tours; the activities for National Garden Clubs' gardening week in June and the horticulture sale during the home tour.  They also work with the Civic Beautification and Flower Show committees. 

Hospitality:            Susie Cochran; K’Anna Black
Oversees the monthly meeting luncheons and head hostesses. Members provide all kinds of goodies that are served after the meeting program.

Library:                Peggy Schmidt
Over 150 books are available at meetings for members to check out.  Topics include Floral Design, Horticulture, Ikebana, Bonsai, Butterflies, Gardening, Problem Solvers, Seeds and Wild Flowers to name a few. Also, Book of Information (FFGC) and Handbook for Flower Shows (NGC).  Members keep track of books and make sure they are returned on a timely basis.

Membership & Liaison:        Dee Feeney; Linda Thivierge
Processes new membership applications, collects yearly membership dues, welcomes and signs in members and guest at meetings. Provide communication with new members regarding club activities.

Photographers:            Carol Malott
Photos are taken of club events and activities that are used for publicity, website & member viewing. 

Property/Storage:            Jeff Parsons; Tracy Ivey
Provide set up and take down of tables and seating for monthly meets.  Manages public storage space rented by club and keeps an inventory of club property needed for club events.

Publicity:            Linda Kenfield
Provide ads and information about club events to local newspapers and magazines.

Roster:                Elaine Hudon
Keeps all active club member information and provides to FFGC Member Services as required.

Scholarships:            Jan Fessler
The Fund was established in 1981 and since 1983 the Betty Steward/Jane Lowe Scholarship Fund has awarded over $80,000 to graduating seniors from Venice High School.  Students must enroll in Marine, Biology, Conservation, Landscape Design or other related studies.  The committee works closely with the Rotary Futures Program at VHS and applications are submitted the end of March.  The Committee then reviews the applications, selects the recipients and presents them to the Board for vote.
Scholarships are also given for Wekiva Youth Camp and SEEK (Save the Earth’s Environment through Knowledge).

Special Events:            Susan Mather        
Coordinates holiday and spring luncheons or any other special events.  

Stamps & Labels:            Shirley Hoffman
Stamps: Cancelled US commemorative and foreign stamps are collected to support the Venice Audubon Society’s Eagles & Raptor Program.  Stamps should be cut out with ¼ inch boarder around edge.
Labels: Through the Labels for Education program Camp Wekiva can earn points to get lots of free “stuff” for the camp such as art supplies, office and classroom accessories, computers, camera and books.  UPC codes from Campbell’s Soup, Swanson, V8, Pepperidge Farm and Franco American products are collected.

Sunshine:            Rose Fullerton
Sends get well, sympathy, thinking of you etc. cards to members and their families as needed.

Telephone:            Bev Yaros
Members that do not have access of e-mail are contacted via phone as needed.

Trees:                Jeff Parsons
Trees are planted in Centennial and Blalock parks with educational signs describing the tree.  Past presidents are also honored with a tree dedicated in their name.  The club is involved in various Arbor Day activities. FFGC has a tree count each year with an award for the clubs that plants the most trees (by members or involvement with other civic groups) on school grounds, public buildings, garden centers, parks, roadsides, private property and tree giveaways or tree sales.

VABI Liaison:            Linda Kenfield
 Board member of Venice Area Beautification Inc., our partner with various civic projects.

Welcome Hostess:        Mariann Arlauskas
New members and guest are greeted at the monthly meetings. 

Webmaster:            Tina Bird
Maintains club website at www.vagc-florida.org

Yearbook:            K’Anna Black
Updating, editing and printing of the yearly VAGC Yearbook.

    Member of
National Garden Clubs, Inc., Deep South Region
Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., District VIII

Web Master, Tina Bird
Web maintenance, Libby Curnow
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